If you’re considering undergoing weight loss treatment but can’t cover the cost upfront, our tailored plans at MacCredit can help you.

  • Weight Management Plans
    Whether traditional diet and health plans have failed you in the past, or you’re trying a weight loss and management plan for the first time, we can fund the plan that will give you the best chance of long term success.
  • Lose Weight and Stay Slim
    You want a weight loss treatment that will help you stay slim for life, not a program that costs you thousands only for you to gain weight within 12 months of completion. MacCredit can help you access better quality weight loss programs and specialists that will make a difference in the long term.
  • Change Your Whole Life
    Losing weight will give you a new lease of life. More energy, more confidence, and more opportunities to do all the things you always dreamed of. Let us help you change your whole life.
  • Get a Quote
    Find a program, commit yourself, receive your quote. Apply with MacCredit for your tailored weight loss loan. We won’t ask personal or invasive questions, we only need to understand your financial circumstances so we can approve your application.

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