Cover the cost of plastic surgery with a MacCredit payment plan. Call us now to find a plan to fit your budget.

  • A Life Changing Opportunity
    Looking for plastic surgery after another medical procedure or looking to improve your appearance? A MacCredit personal loan can help you.
  • Cover the Cost of Your Procedures
    Whether you’re seeking plastic surgery for medical or cosmetic reasons, we can help no matter what specific procedure you’re looking at. From major reconstructive surgery to minor procedures; we can help you cover the cost.
  • Simple and Straightforward Application
    At MacCredit, we won’t ask you uncomfortable or personal questions about your reasons for seeking plastic surgery. Our sympathetic team of specialists only needs to know your financial circumstances so we can assess your suitability for a MacCredit payment plan.
  • Find a Quote
    Found a clinic, had your initial consultation, and looking to go ahead? When you’re ready to apply for your MacCredit medical loan, get in touch. Subject to status we’ll lend you up to the full value of your quote, and pay out direct to your chosen clinic for your convenience.

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