• Minor Surgery to Major Procedures
    Minor corrective surgery to improve your quality of life or a major procedure to solve a long standing or serious problem. Whatever the reason for you requiring an orthopaedic surgery or procedure, MacCredit can help you with a tailored plan.
  • First or Follow Up Treatment
    Whichever area of your body requires treatment, no matter if it’s your first treatment or a follow up treatment after an earlier procedure, our finance solutions can help you get the surgery you need to solve medical issues for good.
  • Planned and Unplanned Surgery
    Many Australian’s undergo planned orthopaedic surgeries and procedures every day, while for some an unexpected or emergency need arises. Whatever the urgency of your situation, you can apply for finance with MacCredit.
  • No Hassle Application
    Our only aim is to assess your financial circumstances so we can check your suitability for a tailored medical loan. We don’t ask you any personal or invasive questions, and are sensitive to your desire for a speedy resolution.

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