If you require obstetrics or gynaecology treatment, but are worried about meeting the cost, MacCredit has a payment plan solution that could help.

  • A Loan Whatever Your Circumstances
    Whether your need for consultation and treatment is through choice or medical necessity, planned or unexpected, at MacCredit we have a tailored solution to help meet your needs.
  • Flexibility with Your Treatment
    Whatever procedure or treatment you need, whether you know what the next steps are or you’re still consulting with specialists, you can use your MacCredit loan to cover your costs, no matter what the specifics of your treatment.
  • No Hassle Application
    We won’t ask you personal questions or anything related to the detail of your treatment. All we need to know from you is your financial situation, so we can assess your application and tell you how we can help you.
  • Find Your Solution Today
    Receive your quote, decide to go ahead, call MacCredit to complete your application and discover how we can help. Once accepted, we can pay the costs direct to the hospital or clinic, meaning you get your treatment without further delay.

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