• Undergoing Hair Restoration Treatments
    Undergoing hair restoration treatment now can prevent you needing a full hair transplant later, and may save you money and stress. Explore your options and let us help you with whatever you need.
  • Payment Plans for a Full Hair Transplant
    Already at the stage where a full hair transplant is needed, or a previous attempt at hair restoration hasn’t worked out? Our flexible plans mean we can lend you the money you need whatever the type of treatment you are looking for.
  • Change Your Look, Boost Your Confidence
    Access the finance options you need to experience what can be a life changing procedure. Change your look, regain any lost confidence, and be at ease and happy with your appearance for the rest of your life.
  • Identify Your Needs
    Found a clinic, decided on the procedure, and happy to go ahead with your hair restoration or transplant? Get in touch so we can complete your application. Once accepted we can pay out direct to the clinic so you can book your appointment and prepare for your treatment.

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