If you’re looking to fund a cosmetic procedure, MacCredit can help you with a tailored payment plan to suit your budget.

  • Change Your Life with a Cosmetic Procedure
    Are you looking to boost your appearance and self-confidence, but you aren’t able to cover the cost? A MacCredit personal loan can help.
  • Pay for a Range of Procedures
    There is no restriction on the procedures you can pay for with your MacCredit medical loan. Whether you’re looking into undergoing a tummy tuck, a facelift, breast augmentation, or any other surgery; we can help you.
  • Simple and Straightforward Application
    With MacCredit, there are no uncomfortable, personal questions to answer. Your decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is yours; we simply need to know your financial circumstances so we can decide your suitability for a loan.
  • Find a Quote
    You want to go ahead and you have found a clinic for your procedure. The next step is to simply apply for your MacCredit loan. When accepted, we’ll lend you up to the full value of your quote and we can even pay out direct to the clinic.

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