Top 5 Rumored Celebrity Plastics Surgeries

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News outlets, gossip columns, and social media are regularly awash with celebrity rumors. Some of the biggest talking points occur when new photographs of particular celebrities emerge and their appearance has changed, which often lead onto rumors of them having undergone plastic surgery. Heres our top five rundown of the top rumored celebrity plastic surgeries.

1. Kim Kardashian

Although Kim Kardashian has admitted to using Botox and laser hair removal treatment – in the latter case even taking husband Kanye West along to experience it for himself – rumors have been rampant for years regarding the extent to which she has undergone plastic surgery. Photographs are littered across the internet purporting to show Kim Before and After these surgeries.

The rumored list of surgeries includes:

  • Buttocks implants; after THAT photoshoot, would anyone really be surprised at this one?
  • A nose job, supposedly in the late 2000s
  • Liposuction Fat transfer surgery Breast augmentation

Quite the list, and one that is likely to keep growing, if nothing else but to ensure magazines continue to sell and websites continue to be visited!

2.Megan Fox

Megan Fox will argue that the plastic surgery rumors surrounding herself are due to her being unfortunate enough to have been blessed with near flawless looks. She has even gone so far in the past to outright deny via her Facebook page that she hasnt had so much as a minor Botox procedure,

although Before and After photos in recent years have kept tongues wagging. Through the years there has been little to substantiate rumors about Megan Fox and plastic surgery other than these photos, but her supposed list of treatments other than Botox includes:

  • A nose job
  • Breast augmentation; though most surgeons questioned agreed this was a small procedure (if it happened) rather than a noticeable enhancement.

3.Renee Zellweger

One of the biggest Now that is definitely plastic surgery cases of recent years has undoubtedly been Renee Zellweger. The star of the popular Bridget Jones movies allegedly underwent surgery sometime in 2014, shocking onlookers with her appearance at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in October of the same year.

While surgeons asked for their opinion claimed everything from liposuction, Botox, a facelift, and even a desire by Renee to distance herself from her Scandanavian ethnicity, the lady herself puts it down to a lifestyle change and years spent out of the public eye changing how she lives. Renee herself says the rumors are silly, and to this day they remain unconfirmed. In defense of Renee, she has probably not been helped by her spending so much time out of the public consciousness. Had she changed her look over time while being in the news a couple of times each month, would the reaction have been the same?

4.Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins, 2004s Miss Universe and currently the host of Australia’s Next Top Model, has faced rumors of having undergone plastic surgery for years. This is generally attributed to a desire by Jennifer to maintain her appearance from winning Miss Universe. Such have been the rumors around Jennifer Hawkins that she has even been accused of having undergone numerous procedures by a fellow Australian model. Scherri-Lee Biggs

went so far to say that Jennifer had undergone too much surgery to try and achieve perfection, though she did later apologise for this.

Although Jennifer herself has always denied having any plastic surgery, the refusal of her management team to comment has kept the rumors going. Her alleged surgeries include:

  • Botox injections to her lips
  • Nose job
  • Chin implant
  • Cheek implants

5.Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is an interesting case, as she has stated that she hasn’t changed anything on her face, but never commented on the rest of her body. Many fans and other analysts point to her nose as an obvious place where surgery has occurred, while Nicki has also emphatically denied on numerous occasions that she has had a facelift or other facial procedures. However, she hasn’t said anything about rumors of breast augmentation and buttock implants, even answering questions about these by referring back to her face, leading many to treat these as an open secret.

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