If you’re considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, or indeed any type of voluntary surgery, one thing you may not give much thought to is the time of year that is best to have your operation. However, many surgeons now say that scheduling your surgery for the cooler winter months from June to July may aid your recovery.

Here’s three reasons why this is the case.

1.      Less Sun and Cooler Temperatures

This is two benefits in one due to the connection between the two, but how does this help you when recovering from an operation?

First, we all know about the damage the sun can do to our skin. When we are recovering from surgery, that is when our skin is at its most vulnerable, as scars start to heal and our skin starts to recover. If we overexpose ourselves to the sun at this point, it can lead to surgery wounds taking significantly longer to heal. There is also a higher risk of infection, while in some cases the sun can damage scar tissue to the point we’re left with permanently damaged skin. Fewer hours of sunlight in the day and the less intense nature of the sun in the winter means your skin enjoys the best chance to heal.

Where do cooler temperatures come into play?

For many, while they will choose to undergo cosmetic or another type of voluntary surgery to improve their look and their confidence, while recovering it can be daunting to be seen with swelling and bruising. The cooler temperatures mean that we’d be more likely to be wearing more layers and keeping ourselves covered up when we’re outside anyway. People have fewer days out in the winter, too, so you can take the time to relax indoors, put the heating on, and take the time you need for your recovery.

2.      You Can Replace Your Winter Escape with Rest and Recovery

While more Australians than ever are holidaying abroad, with many of them heading north of the equator to South East Asia during the Australian winter, undergoing your surgery in the winter gives you the chance to enjoy a so-called “staycation” and take a trip to somewhere local instead.

We all know that taking the time to rest and recover in the short term leads to better results in the long-term. Choosing winter surgery may also mean that your social schedule is less busy, allowing you to easily take all the time you need to recover. This all means that you’ll feel less stress, which itself is known to lead to a longer recovery time! From going to the airport to making sure you’ve invited everyone to the barbecue, choosing a winter operation means you miss out a lot of these common problems to help you focus on what matters.

On top of this, ensure you take on board any specific guidelines from your consultant that will also aid your recovery.

3.      You Get Set for Summer

Who wants to spend the summer months recovering from surgery, to find that once they’re fully recovered it’s gotten colder and is starting to rain a lot more? By opting to schedule your surgery for the winter months, you will usually be able to ensure you have recovered, or at least got through the main part of your recovery schedule, before the summer, enabling you to take a summer holiday and enjoy the best weather of the year.

Make the Time a Consideration!

Don’t discount the positive impact deliberately choosing the timing of your surgery can have on your recovery. Consider opting for a winter procedure to enable you to recover more effectively, and get set for next summer!

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