It’s no secret that we’re a nation of DIY lovers.

Not only do most of us undertake at least one renovation project per year (Roy Morgan, 2017), but spending on “DIY, Garden, and Pets” across the country is projected to surpass AUD$1.5billion for the first time in 2020 (Statista, 2019).

Home improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes. From the small updates such as painting single walls or changing the odd piece of furniture to tearing out a room in its entirety and reshaping it completely differently, these projects can release a dramatic improvement in our lifestyle and often in the value of our property, too.

To inspire for your renovation projects in 2020, we’ve pulled together a handful of projects for him, for her, and for renters based on this year’s popular home improvement and furniture trends.

Many of our trends can be paired across categories, so remember to mix and match your favourite decorative inspirations with your DIY projects of choice this year!


DIY Trends

DIY renovations are often the bigger projects that we’ve been putting off for years. Fancy yourself tackling a big project and transforming at least one area of your home?

Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2020

If we’re being brutally honest, bathrooms can be a bit boring, can’t they?

For years, bathroom renovation trends weren’t really anything of the sort. It was more, “here’s how to do something a little different with white tiles”, or about making subtle changes with new decorative pieces.

2020 is the year that changes.

Move away from white and embrace the trends that are seeing colours such as peach and apricot add life to bathrooms while maintaining a soft, welcoming feel.

Square mirrors are out, too, with circles, semi-circles, and even non-perfect geometric shapes helping to soften your bathroom and make it feel less clinical.

Curved edges and vintage are going to be huge trends in 2020. We’ll look at these in more detail later, but in your bathroom, this could mean investing in a free-standing bathtub and grand sink.

Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2020

Changing up your kitchen doesn’t mean taking a sledgehammer to it, ripping everything out, and making it a no-go zone for a couple of weeks!

Sure, if your kitchen is that old and in need of it, then go for it. Just know that in 2020 you can give your kitchen a fresh look by doing a handful of smaller projects rather than one big one.

Your kitchen lighting is a great place to start. Simply replacing dated, tired looking light fittings will make a huge difference to the feel of the room, but you could always choose to go further and change recessed light fittings for something bolder and more decorative. Even chandeliers have a place in kitchens these days!

Once you’re done with the electrics, good DIY projects that can be done relatively quickly and cheaply are updating and replacing door and drawer handles, to add a decorative touch, or swapping out kitchen worktops to a new colour. Both will have a big impact on your kitchen and make the room feel shiny and new without the cost, or the stress, of a full reno.

Decking Installations

As Aussies, decking is a big part of our lives, and if you don’t have it then 2020 is the year to make it happen.

While there are hundreds of guides online that will help you to build your deck yourself, what’s most important is what it looks like from an aesthetic perspective.

New decking is where DIY meets decoration, as your look will be about the furniture you buy for your deck as much as the decking itself.

Composite decking is more on-trend than wooden for 2020, but you get a pass here to combine whatever you like and the style that best fits your home. Once the decking build is done, trends like vintage style tables with metal legs and matching chairs will do the trick – just remember to make sure the chairs are comfortable as well as looking great! A great deck must-have plants, too. Choose whatever plants you want but choose decorative pots that fit your decking and house colours to give you a distinct outdoors look.

Decorative Projects & Trends

If your home doesn’t need a larger scale DIY project, or you don’t have the budget or the energy to invest in one, then focusing on decoration can often rejuvenate your home at a fraction of the cost and disruption.

Vintage Accents

Vintage was a huge trend across the late 2000’s and into the 2010’s, before its popularity fell dramatically towards the end of the last decade.

Part of the problem was the trend went too far. Not only were people making everything vintage, but retailers and even interior designers started labelling things barely 10 years old as vintage, while “vintage style” concepts took away the authenticity of this trend.

Now, vintage accents are back in for 2020, but not in the same way as last time.

Instead of making your whole interior vintage, focus on adding a couple of tasteful statement pieces. This might take the form of a cabinet or a dining table and chairs set.

It’s easy to feel like one or two vintage pieces will look odd surrounded by modern décor but give it a try and you’ll be surprised at what you achieve!

Floral Wallpaper

Whether you embrace this trend in the form of a feature wall or go all out in one room, in 2020 floral wallpaper isn’t something that we’re only going to see when we go to our parents’ house.

Floral wallpaper designs have had a modern update for the new decade, with many brands doing print furniture designs to match.

Too overpowering? Look to introduce it in smaller rooms first. You’ll soon be inspired to add it elsewhere!

If you’re still unsure, invest in adhesive wallpaper than can easily be removed without leaving marks first, then update to something permanent when you fall in love with your floral walls.


Plants are something we all look at when we see them in a store and think “Wow, they look great!” We then usually continue walking.

Although many of us don’t realise the impact plants can have on the impact of our home until we buy them and get them in there, if you’re planning on following the biggest home décor trends in 2020 then this is the year you’ll do it. Once you add one plant, you’ll never look back!

Medium sized indoor plants are particularly popular, with olive plants set to be a popular addition to homes this year. Not only do plants look great, they can also be a cost-effective means of brightening up your home, or filling spaces and corners in odd shaped rooms.

Just remember to water them!

For Renters

Making Your Rental Feel Like Your Home

With home ownership continuing to decline (ABS, 2019), there is a growing population of renters that will be looking to personalise the property they rent to make it feel like their home. If you’re one of them, you might be restricted in what you can do from a decorative or DIY perspective, meaning you might be left looking at your furniture choices as a way to add a personal touch to your home.

Going Blue to Create Contrasts

Blue fabrics and furniture pieces are massively on-trend for 2020.

Navy and other shades of darker blue are going to be particularly popular and widely available. From a renter perspective, not only will embracing this trend give you furniture that looks amazing, but you’ll have bold statement pieces that contrast against white or magnolia walls and really place the focus of the room on what you’ve added to it.

Curves are in for 2020

Perfectly geometric furniture and symmetry in your home design is a thing of the past. It’s time to wave goodbye to rectangular sofas, square tables, and chairs that fit perfectly around them to create a closed cube.

Instead, gently curved furniture pieces should find their way back into your home this year.

If you’re not sure where to start, go for the piece of furniture you have that most needs updating! At first, you might do something as simple as changing the headboard on your bed but can change everything around your home in time.

Custom Furniture

One of the consequences of the popularity of “One Click to Buy” and interior design hitting the mainstream over the last decade is that a lot of us have the same stuff, or at least, the same looking stuff.

Going to your favourite furniture store and choosing pieces for your home isn’t really adding the personal touch to your rental. You could probably rent somewhere furnished and end up with the same piece!

Instead, you can spend a little more and either buy unique, handmade pieces from independent stores, or find somewhere that will build you a piece of furniture to order. Your custom furniture can be purely decorative, too. You don’t always need to invest in something functional!

Do You Need Assistance in Following This Year’s Home Improvement Trends?

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