Things You Need to Know About Hair Transplants


The popularity of hair transplants is growing among men across the world, not just in Australia. Over the last decade or so, the prominence of different hair restoration and transplantation options has been enhanced by a more open discussion about the benefits of such treatment. At the same time, treatments being advertised and discussed by prominent names including Shane Warne have helped – some jokes and banter aside – to make this an acceptable topic for men to talk about and address. Men now feel less self-aware about undergoing a hair transplant, which helps them to deal with the self-awareness they may feel about losing their hair in the first place.

Why Might Men Want a Hair Transplant?

As much as men may not admit it, their hair can be a big part of their identity and who they are. When they lose their hair, they can feel like different people. This can have a sapping effect on their self-confidence and in some cases lead to mental health problems including suffering from anxiety and depression.

Undergoing hair transplant treatment can help them to keep or restore their confidence, which in turn could have a dramatic effect on their whole lives, from their personal relationships to their performance at work.

Men may choose to undergo a hair transplant as an immediate option, although it is often sought after an initial hair restoration treatment has failed to have the desired effect.

Who is Eligible for a Hair Transplant?

While anyone is ‘eligible’ for a hair transplant in the strictest sense of the word, most hair transplant specialists are reluctant to carry out the procedure on patients under the age of 25.

Why Doctors May Be Reluctant to Provide Your Hair Transplant

The reason for this is that in most hair transplants, your own hair will be used. What the doctor needs to do is be able to understand your hair loss pattern, so they can carry out a procedure using donor hair from the back and sides of your head that is likely to grow back, and transplant the hair to locations that will minimize the need for future and follow up treatments.

Regardless of age, doctors will likely want to be able to establish a stable pattern of hair loss so they know how to act. If you suddenly start quickly losing your hair at the age of 55, you will still be advised to wait some time before undergoing a hair transplant.

Facts You Should Know About Hair Transplants

Laser Hair Treatment Isn’t As Revolutionary as it Sounds

In fact, many hair transplant doctors don’t touch lasers these days, due to the damage it can do to the already delicate scalp. All lasers are used for in these procedures is making small holes in the skin, which can be done in a less damaging way with a steel scalpel anyway.

You May Need More Than One Treatment

While hair transplant doctors generally want to do everything at once to minimize scarring, it can aid the growth of the transplanted hair if multiple procedures are undertaken. Think of the blood supply to your scalp like watering a plant. If you have one plant that you water every day it will grow well, but if you have ten plants that you use the same amount of water for, none of them will grow very well at all. Likewise with your hair, you can’t get your body to send extra blood to your scalp to provide nutrients for growth, which may lead to patch growth of the newly transplanted hair, which is the last thing you want to happen.

Hair Transplant Treatment is Permanent

While it can be a stressful journey to get to the point where you need to undergo a hair transplant, and then be an anxious time afterwards while you wait to discuss with the doctor whether it has been successful, it is a permanent treatment if performed and managed correctly. It may change your life!

You should discuss your options with a consultant as they may recommend a hair restoration treatment first, particularly if you’re experiencing hair loss but there is no obvious or stable pattern to enable a transplant to be confidently performed.

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