Plastic Surgery Trends in 2017

Dec 28, 2016

Plastic surgery trends are always evolving, whether because of the latest treatment favoured by celebrities becoming popular with the general public or thanks to a handful of different procedures being featured online and going viral. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in popularity of plastic surgery in Australia and indeed across the world is the availability of non-invasive treatments. Many procedures can now take place in one day with no need even for an overnight hospital stay or taking a day off work.

What are the most popular plastic surgery trends likely to be in 2017?

Buttock Augmentation

You may have read about this procedure already, or seen it referred to as the ‘Brazilian Butt Lift.’ As well as butt augmentation, butt lifts and butt implants are available. Though this is a trend that we can say has been driven by celebrities and the new found popularity of fuller, rounder figures, we don’t know which, if any celebrities have undergone any procedures, or whether those boasting such a figure are lucky enough to have a natural gift.

One popular method of buttock augmentation involves fat grafting, the removal of fat from other areas of your body to be reinjected into your buttocks. This method has proven hugely popular with women undergoing breast augmentation, and could help you to achieve two desired body improvements at the same time.

Fat grafting is also available for patients looking to achieve a fuller appearance in their face.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men

‘Man boobs’ have long been a source of embarrassment for men, usually involving them being ribbed about it without having any opportunity to do anything about it. While losing weight is obviously one form of dealing with this, you can still be left with saggy skin, or find yourself losing weight but retaining fat precisely where you wanted to lose it from.

This is where breast reduction surgery for men can come in, helping men in whatever situation they find themselves removing confidence sapping features of their appearance.

The growing popularity of this procedure sits alongside a growing trend amongst men in general of undergoing cosmetic treatments.

Body Contouring

As the public as a whole fights back against growing levels of obesity, similar to in the example above with man boobs, many members of both sexes are left with unflattering features following weight loss. Patients who undergo specific weight loss surgery such as the fitting of a gastric band may even have a consultation about a future body contouring procedure before having their initial treatment. Specific contouring treatments are also available for the face and have already proven a popular alternative to full face lifts or Botox injections.


‘Tweakments’ is the general name now being given to a wide range of the non-invasive treatments being used by men and women across Australia. These include the more common ‘day procedures’ like Botox injections or lip fillers, while non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures are growing in popularity both with men and with women who may have injured their noses playing sports or simply feel that their nose “doesn’t fit their face.” Scar removal or dulling procedures, be it from a previous cosmetic surgery or something else, are also proving popular, and are typically conducted quickly using a laser treatment.

Undergoing a Trendy Treatment in 2017

Are you interested in undergoing a cosmetic procedure in 2017? Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve something specific about your appearance, or are looking for a wholesale boost to your personal confidence, there are several procedures that could help you.

If you need help finding a treatment provider, you can use MacList, our directory of providers who will also allow you to fund your procedure using a MacCredit payment plan.

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