The question of whether undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery makes a person pretentious is one that has been around for many years. The question has often been asked particularly loudly in cases where people have undergone nose jobs or other procedures that leave a clearly visible result. In recent years, while the accessibility to such procedures has increased, the positive outcomes of undergoing these has also become more widely known and accepted. Yet, there are still many who question whether undergoing cosmetic surgery, and nose jobs in particular, is pretentious.

The History of Nose Jobs

Nose jobs, or rhinoplasty to use the correct medical term, aren’t a new, fashionable fad. While many people may believe nose jobs as they are known today first came about in the late 1980’s, there is evidence that rhinoplasty was carried out in the Old Kingdom of Egypt as far back in history as 3000BC.

This evidence found within the Edwin Smith Papyrus, which is the oldest known medical treatise on treating trauma. As well as in Ancient Egypt, nose jobs are known to have been performed in India as far back as 800BC, while writings found dating back to the Roman Empire include those by doctors describing a vast range of plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty.

Although undergoing surgery today is obviously vastly different from having done so over 2,000 years ago, this early evidence highlights that the actual procedures themselves aren’t too different today than they were back then.

Nose Jobs and the Emotional Benefits

People who choose to undergo a nose job often do so for reasons of self-awareness. It is this reasoning that will often lead others to accuse them of being pretentious. However, in recent years the emotional benefits of undergoing a nose job have been widely reported. While the benefits differ depending on the circumstances of each individual, these include:

  • People who have benefited from increased confidence in their appearance
  • People who have recovered from emotional trauma having been bullied in their younger years

Of people who have benefited from increased confidence, there have been numerous reasons for them electing to undergo a nose job in the first place. While these do include self-conscious reasons from people who simply wanted to change their appearance, people often elect for rhinoplasty following treatment for another condition, such as removing cancer cells from the nose or having experienced facial damage in an accident.

Nose Jobs and the Medical Benefits

Perhaps the biggest misconception around nose jobs, and thus one of the big problems with people automatically labelling them as pretentious, is that they only provide ‘material’ benefits and aren’t medically beneficial in any way. This is not the case.

While individuals may choose to undergo a nose job purely for medical reasons, these benefits may also be enjoyed by those who choose a nose job predominantly to improve their appearance.

The medical benefits following a nose job may include:

  • Removal of nasal discomfort
  • You find it easier to breathe, and your nose ‘performance’ increases allowing you to take in more oxygen, therefore you find it easier to complete physical activities
  • More oxygen means more energy, improved mood, and usually leads to a better overall lifestyle

Whether we’re looking at the emotional benefits or the medical benefits, it is not a stretch to suggest that undergoing a nose job could change your life.

Nose Job’s Aren’t Pretentious

Nose jobs are so common today, and the benefits of them so widely known and accepted, that there is no reason for anyone to feel like there is a stigma attached to them, irrespective of the reasons for seeking such surgery. Whether you are image conscious and would like to boost your appearance and your confidence, or would like to correct a medical issue, or enjoy both sets of benefits, then explore the possibility of undergoing a nose job.

While there will always be people who think nose jobs are pretentious, what do they matter when you are enjoying the wide range of benefits it will bring to your life?

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