Improve Your Ears: Who is a Potential Candidate for an Otoplasty Procedure?

Mar 22, 2017

Undergoing cosmetic ear surgery – or otoplasty to give it the medical term – can truly be life changing. Whether you are looking to undergo otoplasty for cosmetic and appearance reasons, or whether you have a medical issue that has been treated and you now require otoplasty, having the surgery can change your appearance and boost your self-esteem and confidence at the same time.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is used to improve the shape, position, or proportion of patients’ ears.

This type of surgery is often used to correct defects in the ear structure that are present at birth, although very young children will usually not be operated on unless there is a medical urgency for doing so. Often defects in the ear structure will only become apparent as young children grow.

So is Otoplasty Just for Children?

While otoplasty is a common procedure undertaken by children, it is something that is available to all regardless of age and circumstances. Among adults, otoplasty is common where misshapen ears are present as the result of injury or because of a medical condition.

At the same time, adults may have structural defects that have been present since birth that were not previously treated, so may choose to undergo otoplasty as soon as they can. Adults may also choose otoplasty if as they grow older they feel dissatisfied with how they look following previous corrective surgery when they were a child.

What Does Otoplasty Aim to Achieve?

The aim of otoplasty is to give the ear a natural shape and bring balance and proportion both to the ears and to the face in general. This may mean having your ears “pinned back” to avoid them protruding, or having the size of your ear lobes reduced.

Even small changes to the size and shape of our ears can have a profound effect on our self-confidence.

Specific reasons why someone may choose to undergo otoplasty include, but are not limited to, macrotia – a rare condition where ears are unusually large – and protruding ears on one or both sides where the protrusion is not related to hearing loss.

Who are Potential Candidates for Otoplasty?

In the majority of cases, otoplasty is an elective surgery that isn’t considered essential from a medical point of view. Should you wish to undergo otoplasty for whatever reason, then it is often the case that you will be able to do so.

Below, we look at some of the criteria for undergoing otoplasty to help you identify whether you might be a candidate for this treatment.

Healthy Adults and Children

Cosmetic surgeons will always put your health first, so this is the first thing to make sure of when considering otoplasty. If you’re generally unhealthy, you should look to make other changes to your life first before looking into this procedure.

If you suffer from recurring ear infections or other ear issues, or have any life-threatening conditions, then clinics will not perform otoplasty on you.

Children, When Ear Cartilage is Firm Enough to Withstand Surgery

In addition to ear structure defects becoming evident at different stages, this is another reason why children undergo otoplasty at different ages. Surgeons will not operate on a child if their ear cartilage is not firm enough to withstand surgery. This could mean a child undergoes otoplasty at a very young age or later in life when they’re teenagers.

Children, Who are Experiencing Self-Esteem Issues and Want the Procedure

While clinics require parental permission to undertake the procedure itself, many today are happy to be child-led in terms of deciding whether to have otoplasty, and will communicate directly with the child about the procedure and the benefits of doing so.

Adults Who Have Experienced Injury

If an injury has left you with misshapen or protruding ears, then otoplasty could help correct the problem and help you to regain lost confidence and self-esteem.

Adults Who Want to Correct a Previous Procedure

As we mentioned above, adults often want to undergo additional otoplasty when they are dissatisfied with the outcome of a previous procedure, usually one that was undertaken when they were a child.

Adults Who Don’t Smoke

If you are a smoker, clinics usually won’t carry out otoplasty on you.

Anyone Who Can Follow Instructions and Wants to Correct Their Ears

If you don’t like your ears, then you can do something about it thanks to otoplasty! In addition to the above criteria, you should also be able to follow simple instructions, as there will be specific things you will be told to do, as well as things you can and can’t do, both before and after undergoing the procedure.

Financing Your Otoplasty with MacCredit

If you want to undergo otoplasty, you can use MacList to find a clinic, while MacCredit is here to help if you have any concerns about how you will cover the cost of your otoplasty treatment.

All clinics and doctors listed on MacList accept patients who are planning to pay for their surgery using a MacCredit payment plan, which you can apply for here.

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