How rhinoplasty can solve common nose complaints


When most of us think “nose job” we think about people who undergo rhinoplasty treatment for cosmetic reasons. The reasons why people choose to undergo rhinoplasty are widely known, and include being unhappy with the size and shape of our noses (or both!).

What is less widely known is the extent to which rhinoplasty is used to solve common nose complaints. Such is the misconception that “nose jobs” are only done for cosmetic reasons that many people don’t realise that the term rhinoplasty applies to any type of work done on the nose, even for medical reasons.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how rhinoplasty is used to solve common nose complaints.

Breathing Difficulties

There could be many reasons why a person experiences breathing difficulties. One of the most common that can be solved by undergoing rhinoplasty is a deviated septum. A deviated septum is when the cartilage inside the nose is misaligned in some way, such as not being centred properly. A deviated septum can sometimes be a condition we are born with although it may not necessarily be treated until we are older, depending on how it affects us at an early age. Likewise, it may not be clear that we require treatment until we grow, with many people discovering issues that require rhinoplasty treatment in later life. Breathing difficulties caused by the nose can impact on our respiratory and circulatory systems as a whole, so it is crucial treatment is sought for this.

When you undergo rhinoplasty to treat breathing difficulties the septum will usually be reset to clear the airways and make your breathing easier and more efficient.

Increased Susceptibility to Infection

Even if we don’t experience any breathing difficulties, problems with a deviated septum or elsewhere with the bone structure of our nose can leave us more susceptible to picking up infections and viruses, and the nasal hairs are unable to work effectively to eject these from our bodies, meaning they can remain in our throat and lungs.

The need to undergo rhinoplasty to cure this problem may only by identified during an investigation into other conditions. For example, if you keep attending the ear, nose, and throat clinic with swelling but no obvious reason for picking up repeat conditions, or have a lung condition again with no obvious reason why, this may then be traced back to a problem with your nose.


While for most of us, snoring is something we do that annoys other people, for others it can represent a larger medical concern that requires urgent attention.

There are numerous reasons why someone might snore loudly or excessively, from something serious like sleep apnoea to simply being overweight or not living a particularly healthy lifestyle. If there isn’t an obvious reason for your own snoring, it could be an issue with your nose. Many people who snore simply assume it can’t be their nose, because they don’t experience breathing difficulties during the day.

However, how air flows through our noses can change given that we often lay in strange positions and at weird angles when we sleep, which is why someone who has no problems during the day can turn into a loud, chronic snoring machine at bedtime. Seeking medical consultation around this matter can identify what is changing when you lay down to sleep and help produce a plan for fixing this.

Treating Injuries

While having your nose broken playing footy or during an accident at work might see you wanting to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic reasons, the medical need will take precedence, although many hospitals will take care of both your medical and cosmetic needs at the same time, depending on the severity of an injury.

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