The holiday season over Christmas and New Year is typically a time when health and beauty regimes go out of the window.

With the seemingly endless parties, feasting on foods we usually eat only in moderation, and perhaps consuming more alcohol than we know is good for us, it’s time to take a quick look at how you can get yourself back on track without needing to shell out $30 dollars on a “New Year New You” guide at the local bookstore.

Whether you’ve been pleasantly surprised when stepping on the scales on January 2nd, or felt a little sheepish when your favourite pair of jeans couldn’t quite fully fasten, here’s what you need to do.

Deal with Your Appearance First

A large portion of how we feel about ourselves is driven by our appearance. If your beauty regime has taken a hit over the holiday period, picking this back up first will give you an early lift in 2017. If you partied so hard that you feel like it’s going to take a couple of weeks before you fully feel like yourself again, looking good is at least a start.

You can always smile your way through when people say “Wow, you look great,” even if you don’t feel 100%.

To give your appearance a quick boost, do the following:

  1. Undergo a deep exfoliation of the face. If party followed party over the holidays this is a sure way to remove any trace of makeup and ensure your pores are clean, clear, and free to breathe.
  2. Enjoy a full body moisturising treatment. Days or weeks of excess can dehydrate the skin and leave you looking older and tired. Choose your favourite body moisturiser then apply the moisturer as soon as you step out of the shower. If you feel you look pale and are unlikely to be out in the sun in January, opt for a moisturiser with skin toner.
  3. Treat your eyes. Opt for the age old favourite; cucumbers over the eyes to sooth, followed by a roll-on or a gentle tanning oil to refresh tired looking eyes and get rid of those dark circles that betray just how much you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks.

This isn’t quite cheating, yet is a great way to get ahead of the game!

Reboot Your Plate

Get rid of any treat foods you have left. No “one last treat,” you need to get those foods out of sight and out of mind.

Admittedly you might not feel up for eating generous helpings of salad and vegetables right away, so introduce these gently through juices and smoothies, and when you do eat, make it little and often to allow your body to readapt and understand you’re back to fueling it properly.

If you usually take vitamins and have dropped these over the holidays then ensure they’re back into your regime, and as always ensure you’re drinking plenty of water to keep your body as efficient as possible.

Get Moving

Whether you join the gym, hit the beach with friends, find a new active hobby to try in the first few months of the year, or even just do some squats in your bedroom, when you get moving you force your body to clear out the toxins and start to repair itself. If you’ve put on a few kilos over the last few weeks then you might feel a little ill while your body starts to metabolise and burn your excess fat, but that’ll quickly pass and you’ll be soon on the road to a rebooted, refreshed self for 2017.

Make sure any holiday hangover doesn’t last long into January! Keep these tips in mind to get back on top of your appearance and your health regime quicker than ever before!

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