Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to supply proof of income, normally this is just a couple of recent payslips or if you are self employed we will need your last 2 years financials and Tax Returns. You will also need to supply some identification; this is a copy of your drivers license and Medicare card etc. You may also need to supply some recent Bank & Loan statements.
Simply call 1300 884 355 Monday through Friday and talk to one of our Personal Plan Specialists who can help you with any queries you might have. You won’t be put in a queue, you will speak to a real person straight away.
You will be contacted by one of our dedicated Personal Plan Specialists usually within 3 hours, Monday through Friday except holidays.
Depending on your own personal profile we can source loan amounts from $4,000 for you.
Simply go to and it will help you source a clinic for the treatment/procedure you require; though you can use any doctor/clinic you wish.
The interest rate is typically much less than most credit cards. Competitive rates are available, however, your interest rate is determined by your credit profile.

The quickest way to obtain an answer to your enquiry is to submit your application online. Once we have received the required information, you can receive a conditional approval within 24-48hrs.

You can apply online via our secure online application form, this will normally take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, or you can also apply for Finance over the phone by calling 1300 884 355.

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