Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears


Whether you’re considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure because you want to improve a specific aspect of your appearance and boost your confidence, or you’re awaiting essential cosmetic treatment as a follow up to a prior medical condition, it is likely you have plenty of questions and perhaps even some fears about the procedure you’re about to undergo.

If You’re Worried, You’re Not Alone

It is perfectly natural to have some level of apprehension and anxiety before undergoing a procedure. While some people are able to deal with how they feel, for some their cosmetic surgery fears can be full-blown phobias to the point they require counselling to help them even make a decision about undergoing surgery.

Wherever you find yourself on the anxiety scale, we should stress that if you feel that you’re not sure of the risks attached to cosmetic surgery – and there is always a risk, no matter how small – or you’re unable to understand or accept them, then you shouldn’t undergo the procedure if you don’t want to, unless it is an essential treatment.

Lowering Your Anxiety

You can lower or perhaps even completely remove your anxiety by taking a number of steps prior to undergoing a procedure. Whether you’re opting for an elective procedure or you have been told you should have – or at least consider having – something done following a medical issue, a lot of what you can do in the lead up to it will help to put your mind at rest.

Here’s what you should do.

Talk to Other Patients

Confidentiality rules governing the medical profession mean that you can’t be put in contact with people who have been treated at a specific clinic or undergone a specific procedure in the past. However, there are plenty of online forums – not to mention social media websites – where you can go for support and to ask questions about different procedures and clinics.

Talking to people who have previously undergone a procedure and will be able relate to you is a great way not just to relieve anxiety but also to understand the difference it has made to their lives. This is a powerful means of understanding the experience of the procedure and the effect it could have on your life.

Choose a Surgeon You’re Comfortable Talking To

If your consultant doesn’t put you at ease, then this is likely to be a major cause of your anxiety. This doesn’t mean the consultant is necessarily bad at what they do, but their personality might just not be what you need to make you feel happy about undergoing your procedure with them.

When you’re at ease with your surroundings and the people who will be administering your treatment, you’ll feel much better about it.

If you’re struggling to find a clinic or consultant you can use MacList to help you.

Do Your Own Research

Carrying out your own research into the procedure you’re interested in is another great way to help put your mind at rest. There are numerous medical advice websites available today where you can find out everything you need to know about specific procedures or medical terms that you don’t understand.

Be wary that when doing your research, you might find yourself gravitating towards what you perceive to be the negative aspects of the procedure.

Rather than letting these put you off, use them to help inform and formulate the questions you’re going to ask during your next consultation.

Find Out What You Need to do Post-Surgery

For some patients, their anxiety of the period of recovery post-surgery can outweigh the worry surrounding the surgery itself.

Those undergoing gastric band procedures, for example, may worry about what they can consume in the weeks following surgery or when they’ll be able to “eat properly” again.

While clinics will inform you of everything you should do post-surgery to ensure you minimize risks and reduce your recovery time, be sure to ask any additional questions you may have. Remember that when it comes to post-surgery, each of our bodies adapts differently, and just because you speak to a couple of people online who were fully recovered in a short space of time that doesn’t mean the same will be true for you. In fact, by rushing ahead with your recovery post-surgery you could be putting yourself at further risk of complications.

Keep Risks in Perspective

Though you will always be able to find examples of when worst case scenarios have played out following cosmetic surgery, remember that overall the risks are very small. By following the other tips above, you will feel at ease and find the best clinic and surgeon to undergo your procedure with, regardless of whether you’re undergoing elective surgery or need treatment out of necessity.

Moving Forward with Your Cosmetic Surgery

Put you mind at rest and move forward with the cosmetic surgery that could change your life. If you are worried about how to cover the cost of your procedure, then MacCredit may be able to help with a payment plan tailored to you.

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