Car Modification Trends of 2019

Mar 26, 2019

Car modification is no longer the sole domain of the motoring enthusiast, with more and more Australians deciding to personalise their cars for aesthetic purposes.

Considering taking your car into the shop for a makeover? Ensure you’ve got the hottest wheels on the freeway with our top car trends of 2019.

1. Car Wraps

Holographic, matte, neon – these are all effects that can be achieved on your vehicle with a wrap. Car wraps are usually less expensive than investing in a full repaint and can be removed when you’re ready for a change or are looking to resell.

2. Camber

Camber angles are usually considered on professional racing vehicles to assist with drift. For those who want to achieve a sporty look for the day to day, altering the camber angle is a common modification.


You are required to notify your insurer of any modifications made to your vehicle to negate a void on any future insurance claims.

3. Polished Wheels

The state of a car’s wheels can really elevate its appearance. Polished wheels are now becoming a more prominent trend on Australian roads. Just make sure you keep them clean for the best effect!

4. Personalised Registration Plates

Most people see their car as an expression of their personality. A personalised registration enables you to let the world know who you are without breaking the bank on extensive car modifications. Plus, if you decide to sell your car, you can transfer the plates!

If you’ve been considering modifying your vehicle this year, a MacCredit auto loan could help you to get the look you want!

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Car Modification Trends of 2019

Car modification is no longer the sole domain of the motoring enthusiast, with more and more Australians deciding to personalise their cars for aesthetic purposes. Considering taking your car into the shop for a makeover? Ensure you’ve got the hottest wheels on the...

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