Beauty Trend: Smaller breast implants


Just like in fashion, beauty trends operate on a cycle. Some come and go like the seasons, while others are in vogue for a short period of time before disappearing from sight forever. One of the biggest – no pun intended – changes in beauty trends in 2016 has been a shift in breast augmentation procedures away from larger implants towards smaller, more natural looking ones.

Why do Women Opt for Breast Augmentation?

There are a number of reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery, with a desire to improve their appearance and boost their confidence often cited as the biggest reason behind the decision.

Despite the increased availability in recent years and cheaper cost of procedures such as botox injections and other minor cosmetic treatments, breast augmentation still remains Australia’s most popular and widely undertaken procedure. Advances in how breast augmentation surgery is carried out have also helped to make this procedure more accessible. Many doctors and clinics now offer breast augmentation involving the transfer of fat from another area of the body as opposed to the more traditional implant method, though this is still a widely available and popular procedure.

Why the Change?

In recent years, beauty in general has trended away from the ‘glamour model’ look that was so popular through the 1990’s and 2000’s. This is despite cosmetic surgery continually growing in popularity and people being more open and willing to discuss about whether they’ve undergone a procedure.

Today’s general beauty trend has moved more towards a ‘healthier’ look, with natural and athletic appearances now seen as more desirable.

As is often the case with beauty trends, celebrities have driven a lot of the change. Some well-known celebrities appear to have opted for a smaller breast augmentation in the last year or so, with photos showing ‘before and after’ with slightly fuller or more rounded breasts, indicating a smaller procedure such as going up a single cup size.

This desire has been replicated across the cosmetic surgery industry in general, with doctors and cosmetic surgeons reporting higher percentages of women are seeking smaller breast enhancements. There has also been an increase in self-awareness levels around ‘unnatural looking’ surgery as well as how breast augmentation may influence appearance in later life.

Breast Reductions Have Also Proven Popular

Like the current trend, desires for a larger bust were celebrity driven over the previous two decades. Some celebrity trend setters of that time have recently opted to undergo breast reduction procedures themselves, highlighting just how profound the shift has been towards smaller implants.

Could Trends Change Again?

They certainly could do, but the current trend towards smaller breasts is one that has been around for a while now, and is likely to be the ‘norm’ for the foreseeable future. That said, women considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery should consider the look they desire and what will give them the outcome they’re hoping for, for the impact they want it to make on their own lives.

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