Australian Plastic Surgery Trends

Sep 20, 2019

The popularity of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Australia continues to grow. A report by the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery highlighted that Australia’s cosmetic surgery industry is now worth in excess of $1 billion annually. In 2017 alone, 30,000 liposuction procedures and 20,000 breast augmentations were performed in Australia.

As a nation, we now spend more per person on cosmetic surgery than the United States.

Let’s take a look at five of the current most popular cosmetic and plastic surgery trends.

Botox and Other Cosmetic Injections

Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles continues to be a popular choice for most men and women. The same report mentioned earlier highlighted that $350million is spent each year on Botox, fillers, and other similar procedures. That’s well over a third of the whole industry driven by these treatments!

Cosmetic injections continue to be the number one choice for many Australians. The non-invasive, non-committal nature of these treatments can make them seem more appealing to those that want to try enhancing their image but are too scared to go under the knife. Some patients even undergo treatment during their lunchbreak!

Natural Looking Breasts

While the popularity of breast augmentation procedures remains strong, the style women opt for has shifted to a more natural aesthetic. A confidence boost is usually the main driver behind the decision to undergo a breast augmentation.  

Butt Lift Surgery

Butt lift surgery is another big trend that’s been around for decades but has become increasingly popular in recent years. Undergoing a butt lift involves adding extra fat to your buttocks to make them appear fuller and more voluptuous. Believe it or not, this type of surgery is popular among men, too!

The procedure has continued to remain popular despite it being reported as being rather tricky and potentially dangerous. It’s important that you take the time research the surgery well and only go with trusted and experienced clinics.

Body Lift Procedures

Obesity is a real issue in Australia, as well as in many countries around the world, and many people have found help in the various weight loss surgery options available.

Whether you lose weight with or without undergoing surgery, you might find your body is left with lots of excess skin afterwards. This can be tricky for anyone, but men often suffer specifically from so-called ‘man boobs’ where the fat just won’t go away. If the fat has gone, then excess skin can also be detrimental to your confidence, and harm your new efforts of maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Body lift procedures have become popular in Australia. The surgery removes the extra skin and tightens it, giving your body a more natural look. Body lift procedures can be performed across the body from removing extra skin around the tummy or the arms, for example.

Fat Transfer to Hands

Fat is not always something we want to get rid of!

As we age, certain areas of our bodies hold less fat, which can result in a deflated, sometimes even an unhealthy look. The fat subcutaneous compartments are right below the skin, giving the skin its supple feel and look. As you get older, you start to lose these.

One area where this is commonly seen is around the skin in your hands. Many people are now opting to restore fat in these areas by transferring fat from elsewhere in the body to right under your skin near the palms and the fingers. This results in softer hands that look healthier and younger.

Plastic Surgery is Today About Wellbeing as Much as Vanity

The popularity of plastic surgery shows the extent to which taboos around it are continually breaking down. Undergoing cosmetic or plastic surgery is not seen as a purely vain practice anymore, but as rather another way to look after yourself. Many procedures are about enhancing and highlighting your qualities and about gaining confidence in your looks.

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