4 Reasons why straight teeth are good for you


When we think of straight teeth, most often we think of killer smiles, how great teeth boost our confidence, and being able to show them off when taking our latest selfie or posing with friends for a photograph.

While the cosmetic benefits of having straight teeth can’t be argued with, dentistry is usually referred to as ‘dental health’ for a reason. If you want straight teeth but have put off undergoing dental treatment, or if self-awareness is preventing you from having braces fitted to help resolve the problem, understanding some of the health benefits available may just inspire you to make the change today.

A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy Body

If your teeth aren’t straight, this means there are more places in your mouth for harmful bacteria to fester and grow. In terms of your dental health alone, this increases your risk of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease, as well as bad breath, mouth ulcers, and eventually the loss of teeth. Numerous studies have also shown there are links between poor dental health and an increased risk of suffering a stroke, heart disease, or developing specific types of cancer.

Many people don’t consider that our mouth is the primary gateway into our body for bacteria or anything else the outside world throws at us – which is understandable as it’s not a particularly nice thing to think about! – but it’s a perspective that could save you from a myriad of health problems both in the short and long term. Looking after your dental health and having straight teeth could even save your life!

Even if you’re self-aware about having an obvious, visible brace, the benefits are definitely worth it.

Straight Teeth Mean Healthier Teeth and Gums

A large proportion of gum related problems are caused by spacing problems with your teeth, both if teeth are crooked and too crowded or if they are too widely spaced. Straight teeth allow your gums to hold and sit around your teeth correctly. This puts less stress on your gums, which in turn protects both your teeth and gums from health problems. Straight teeth are also much easier to clean, particularly if you use floss or interdental toothbrushes on top of your normal dental health regime.

All of this adds up to fewer trips to the dentist over the years, a reduced likelihood of plaque buildup, and thus a reduction in the number of essential dental treatments you’ll ever need to undergo.

Straight Teeth Protect Your Teeth from Themselves

Our teeth aren’t designed to be fighting each other for mouth space. When we have crooked teeth not only can they wear each other down and cause you to lose large amounts of tooth enamel, you may find yourself having to chew in an abnormal manner, which not only can cause further damage to teeth but may also lead to digestion problems.

Crooked teeth are also more susceptible to damage if you take an impact to the mouth, whether you’re in an accident or take a blow to the face when participating in your favourite sport.

Help your teeth to protect themselves from themselves.

Straight Teeth Prevent Jaw and Neck Pain

If you adopt an abnormal chewing pattern, you may be putting stress on your jaws and your neck. As well as feeling acute pain in these areas, this may also lead to other conditions such as chronic headaches, which are never a fun experience.

Achieving Straight Teeth Can Be Easy

We fully understand – whether you’re an adult or a teenager – the feelings of self-awareness that can envelop you when it comes to seeking treatment for crooked teeth, especially if the recommended treatment is likely to be something visible like a brace.

Yet, the benefits of achieving straight teeth should far outweigh these. If you are struggling to comprehend the thought of wearing a brace, go and speak with your dentist. There are many types of braces available today; some are very discreet and others aren’t visible at all.

Can you afford to miss out on the benefits straightened teeth can bring?

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